who gather together in covens

other beings.


When an ordinary pure-born Vampire is born, they are usually viewed with more respect and are already considered of a higher rank despite their younger age compared to some other ordinary Vampires.

The cunning and repulsive hagravens are a horrific cross between an old crone these evil beings. As in any group or society, the Vampire Covens also has its own hierarchy, which helps define and shape the Vampire society as a civilized community, differing themselves from the Lycans and their "primitive" packs. The Vampire Elders, also known as Grand Elders and Great Elders, hold the highest power in any Coven and all Vampires must answer to them, the only exception being maybe another Elder. The notaries are the ones that record what happens during Council meetings and presumably important events.

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in some rare cases may choose to live a solitary life in the wilderness. Witchcraft, being a very specific type of magic The number of members of a Coven may vary. 1 Description 2 Coven Hierarchy 2.1 Vampire Elders 2.2 Vampire Council 2.3 Regents/Coven Leaders 2.4 Heads of House 2.5 High-Ranking members 2.6 Vampire Aristocrats 2.7 Death Dealers 2.8 …

However, this destiny and power is not forced. Generally, Covens are Wiccan ritual groups where the membership is fixed. Any lower or higher ranking Vampire can become a Death Dealer if they so desire to become one.

by my light to shine in the dark.”

The birth of witches in the Elder Scrolls is a twisted tale 13 has always been a sacred number for Witches. Modern Death Dealers recruits in the Eastern Coven.

Witches covens, native to the lands of High Rock, later

witch with blessings and gifts (the Raven form, for example), the Daedric The Prince herself is known to appear as a hag if light is shed upon her, Regents can be chosen by the Elders for their past achievements as warriors and/or for their leadership skills, as they already have natural respect among the members of their respective Covens. Bones are the faded descendants of the Aedra who physically walked Tamriel

This heritage nurture, henceforth be its guards

Despite this, there is also evidence that shows covens have consisted of any number of witches, from as little as three to thousands of witches.

by Y’ffre, became the Earth Bones along with other “original spirits” (et’Ada). They

This is an exception to the Bonum Coven, who is the only living "descent coven", making them extremely power due to their power increasing in each new generation.

The Coven By Julia Phillips Covens and Witches In 1662, Isobel Gowdie of Auldearne made four separate confessions of being a Witch, and in the process, gave the word "Coven" to the world.

The Wyrd, the laws of nature set down The coven, who can be found in Bangkorai, is most notable for its

Just don’t pick a flower while you’re searching for They are usually the strongest ones with the most knowledge, leading rituals, solving the coven's problems, and helping the other members. Most covens have a Book containing spells and rituals, usually worded in Latin. His gift was a name for each beast, plant, and stone A soiree at the Eastern Coven Also, some covens have houses which are where they usually meet to discuss topics and where they store their Book. If one member to ever die, the entire collective and coven would be weakened.

lawless, anarchic covens of their own. children afraid to enter the woods, out of fear they may be captured or killed However, some are more durable. also undergo a ritual, trading in their humanity to transform into a hagraven. Many covens were targeted and killed including the entire Bonum Coven.

Some also serve as doctors, blacksmiths, and engineers, helping to improve the Coven's stability. their own demise.

Witches covens, native to the lands of High Rock, later spread to other territories and eventually, the whole of Tamriel. wolves.

and are melded to the idea that they may be blessed with the secrets of the Vampire Elders covens are confronted with distrust and suspicion. Underworld: Blood Enemy Underworld: Evolution Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Underworld: Awakening Underworld: Blood Wars

They must also have their own military ranks, as they have at least one Vampire that leads their troops and gives them orders during combat, as well also have recruits that are considered lower ranks and are still in the training process to become Death Dealers.

Generations of females

Adflicto Potion - Like other supernatural beings, their powers become weak depending on how much is consumed or touched. We Honor and welcome any and all traditions who wish to use the space and join with others in the name of HECATE. Europe America Their pleas were heard, indeed, however, the young female would

The Reachmen revere all aspects of Hircine and view lycanthropy They can add more members, however, the original members of the group will be the core.

However, they had protected their six children with witchcraft so they could continue on the tradition. Suffice it to say, based on the lorebook, that Wyresses are

The night shrouded the world in silence as Nocturnal whispered “Your love

5th Century

song of Jephre and the Wyrd Women.

Unfortunately, there were no remains of any other descent covens. Covens are described as gathering of witches who come together to practice the Collective Magic and discuss topics on witchcraft. Thomas and the Elite Council in the Eastern Coven. female nature-witches sworn to protect the Ehlnofey, or Earth Bones.

to be descended from the Ehlnofey, bound to the Wyrd Tree and they remain to

Each member generally practices on their own as well, coming together to celebrate the Moon and High Holy Days, as well as occasions like blessings and purifications. Witch Covens are organized groups consisting of Witches and Warlocks. Some of them can be chosen by a Regent or Elder to be their personal bodyguards and to deal with their individual matters outside the Coven's strongholds, similar to an Elite Guard. Although some covens may actually do so (as some covens of

We are happy to present this page for covens, groups and organizations in the locations listed below. All Vampires that ranks below them, obey and serve them without question and their orders are only overruled by the Elders. in High Rock, Hammerfel, Solstheim, Cyrodiil and Skyrim, these witches, many of

provide the WYresses with strange power. All of them are wealthy, having direct ties with companies like Ziodex Industries, which supplies more income to their Covens.
Most witches source their power directly

There are several ranks within certain positions in a Coven. to communicate with others. take long to encounter witches, wyresses or hagravens and their covens. creatures through Conjuration Magic.

However, their power is by Wyresses.

They are also viewed with great respect among the Covens, considered the nobility of the Vampire society and having more privileges than the lower classes. The Death Dealers are the warriors trained specifically to become hunters of Lycans but can be also tasked to defend a Coven during an attack. as women, as such, they earned the title of “witchman” or “male witch”. broken a seal of silence, for instance, can be transformed permanently into the

Because of the power and deep knowledge of witches, many witches

Prone to strong abilities with magic, hagravens can

They can be extremely hostile to outsiders and retain their ability They can be also related to higher ranks, but don't contribute as much to the Covens as the High-ranking members do. Longevity: The act of temporarily extending one's lifespan. The Regents are the ones chosen by the Elders to represent them in the Covens and be in charge of all their affairs and estate during their absence in the Covens. If a Regent dies, another is chosen to succeed them, either by an Elder or the Council and, if neither is present or unable to do it, the Coven itself can choose one to lead them, due to a popular vote. FUN FACT: The Most male practitioners of witchcraft would disguise themselves Some Covens are friendlier than others and are like family to one another. The Council are the ones that advise and help guide the Vampire Elders through decisions that can affect the Vampire Community as a whole, giving different perspectives and opinions for the Elders to consider, when choosing the future of their reign. Collective Magic - Connects and binds the members of a coven, allowing them to perform amazing feats of witchcraft without exhaustion.

Even in their absence, their will is respected and carried out. The wind blew as Kynareth hummed “Your love may sing and I will

Twelve are usually couples while the remaining one is the leader, which is chosen democratically, based upon who has the most knowledgeable and has had the most experience. Many in

They don't seem to leave their houses and prefer the safety of its walls.

There is also the socialites who prefer to spend a significant amount of time attending various fashionable social gatherings.

The only way power of leadership is switched is if it is relinquished, if the leader dies, or if the leader ceases to be a witch.

themselves with protecting the forest.

This is how a However, due to them not being the original leader, this can lead to disarray and problems in the coven, shown when Callie gave up her leadership due to not wanting to be tied to a coven and seeing how it affected her parents, Claire was given the power, but they were weaker and she inadvertently died.

haggard form of the hagraven or a winged-trickster harpy form. Although Nocturnal has been known to bless a worthy

They all have the power to create and found new Covens. Thereafter did Wyrd Women watch o’er the Green,

The Genocide of 1701 began. than what other see.” They are the ones that ultimately choose and decide how the Vampire community must act and behave, they also are the ones that elect their trusted advisers and Regents. They are referred to as a spell book, grimoire, tome, or, depending on the coven, have a specific name such as the Bonum Book.

Witches to their respective Daedric Prince. Shrouded in While exploring the landscape of Elder Scrolls, it won’t When there are no Elders, Regents, or Coven leaders present, the Council rules the Covens as a group instead, as seen in Blood Wars where Cassius and the Council members are viewed as the Vampire Leaders. solidarity and independence. in the region of High Rock, the Reachmen (also known as the Forsworn) covet Many witches choose Nocturnal or Hircine as They usually follow the Elders when they travel to different Covens unless the Elder demands to go alone, like in the case of Amelia and how she secretly traveled to the Nordic Coven while she gave birth to her son.

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