white crane kung fu forms

Unfortunately, the Japanese invaded Malaysia soon after.

This is especially true for family systems such as the Lee family Flying Crane. Today, fewer and fewer people are willing to devote their lives to the study and teaching of martial arts as was done in the past. There are three basic schools extant–Hop Gar, Mot Gar, and Pak Hok–the similarities far more numerous than the differences.

This temple specialized in the instruction of Fang Chi-Niang's White Crane techniques. According to Ip Man's student, Leung Ting: "[The] Wing Tsun System is derived from the Fukien System of kung fu. With a shift in focus to hard conditioning, cardiovascular fitness and strength exercises, our White Crane Kung Fu classes may suit those seeking a more energetic workout. 1 This account was given to Shifu Lorne Bernard by Grandmaster Lee Kiang-Ke during his first trip to the Orient in 1989. At first, she tried to strike its head but the bird was evasive. At this point, it may be useful to debate whether the Fukienese White Crane arts are truly Shaolin systems or whether they represent a separate school.

It should be emphasized however, that learning such system’s is more than simply learning how to fight.

Like his father, he started training at the age of seven. In 1973, a White Crane student representing Sarawak (East Malaysia) went to compete in the third South East Asian Kung Fu Tournament where he won second place in combat. To learn more about our authentic traditional Chinese martial arts program, please schedule an appointment to visit the Academy.

To properly understand the reverence a martial artist has for his or her Grandmaster, it is necessary to view the martial art in its proper historical and cultural context. Fang Hui-Sz was one of the few fortunate ones to escape the attack. White Crane’s founder, Fang Chi-Niang, was a petite woman who lived in violent times. One day, as Fang Chi-Niang was drying grain in front of the temple, she saw a huge crane come down from the roof and begin to eat. Elements of some are seen in many other styles, and are perhaps enhanced by the more varied methods.

One day, two armed robbers attacked him, and without thinking, he defeated them both. Eventually, they settled down in Ching Chu temple, on Ching Chea Mountain (Lei Chow Fu). It defeated the gorilla through evasive, striking movements, making contact with the pressure points with its beak. Upon completion, the stylist is truly a master and may wear the silver sash. Evasion is necessary to avoid stress created by slippery terrain (ice) and large adversaries.

Weng and Lee taught many students at Kao Pei Cliff and set up a school there. In order to acquire real proficiency in any art form, It is essential to fully master that art’s basics. Free sparring is also introduced early on and is emphasized according to the individual's wants, desires and skill level. Finally, the highest level of White Crane Kung Fu comes in being able to completely avoid an opponent’s assault, and having the option of either evading the assailant until he is quite too exhausted to continue or deliver a fast, effective terminating strike. Upon his return, Lee Joo-Chian helped teach the afternoon class. 4 His prowess was generally explained by his incredible speed of execution. This form is learned in three stages, each taking considerable effort: the basic, combat-speed method; the slow, meditating method; and the super-speeded conditioning method. Astonished by the crane's skill, Fang Chi-Niang sought to practice with it on a daily basis. The purposes of the other kicks are to unbalance the opponent and shift their momentum against them. The main philosophy of the art is defense. Fang Chi-Niang's teachings gave birth to different interpretations and four principal styles were developed: Flying Crane (Fei He), Eating Crane (Shi He) Screaming Crane (Ming He) and Sleeping Crane (Jan He or Su He). Consequently, most traditional Chinese martial arts focus upon forms, two-person forms, weapons, two-person weapon sets, body conditioning, striking training aids, internal exercises and free fighting. Fang Chi-Niang reasoned that certain vulnerable areas of the body could not be hardened or conditioned to resist injury. White Crane Kung Fu is generally regarded as an internal system, though initial training is extremely demanding. Although rare in the western world, Fukien White Crane is a famous fighting style in Southeast Asia. It is followed by Dow Raw Sau, the Knife Foot and Hand Form, the most evolved internal set. Fang Chi-Niang was both curious and fearful of the crane.

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