theory of magic blue adept

Blue is careful and adept at plotting, and thus is resistant to any forces that might force an individual to make a hasty decision. It’s not caring about getting your hands dirty, because there’s literally no other way to get the job done. A red/green agent asks the question where am I now, and where should I go? from Goddard College, he married one of his fellow students and and spent fifteen years in an assortment of professions before he began writing fiction full-time. They are fun.

Places to experience things through trial and error are mandatory. It’s a world where everything is out of place — where nothing truly even has a place — a constant parade of divorces and suicides and famines and extinctions, where things like global warming and eugenics and welfare programs with misaligned incentives happen all the time. As such, blue is the color most interested in technology and wants the latest and greatest version of whatever it is using.

Blue sees red as impulsive and rash; red sees blue as repressed and unfeeling and unwilling to act. Without red, everything moves in slow motion and everything has its temperature turned down — like an entire society that’s been sedated. Blue also cannot stand any system or process that contradicts the need for progress or change.

Note that this is not a task with an end goal, but one that continues throughout your life. White is more diachronic, interested in finding the small compromises and sacrifices that will allow people to build trust and cooperate reliably.

Evolution is a painfully slow process, meaning physical reactions are often the result of reacting to problems that have long ago died off. Stile is still slipping between Proton and Phaze searching for his enemy. Sphinx's Tutelage | Art by Slawomir Maniak. Seite 1 von 1 Zum Anfang Seite 1 von 1 .

Cosima's contributions come through the information she can provide them. I found the expanded knowledge of Phaze enjoyable and the regular jumps back and forth between Phaze and Photon kept the pace interesting and didn't let it linger in one frame too long. I was surprised to discover that, while I had an immediate stereotype about my second- and third-most important characters (red and white/blue/black, respectively) I had no idea what colors my main character was. Last week, I talked about the vision design of Commander Legends. It’s a place where the sovereignty and nobility of the individual vanishes beneath the weight of the collective — it looks good at first, but without black, you lose the will to empire, the thirst for recognition, the desire to get ahead, the deep and personal wants that define and shape a person’s whole destiny. For five weeks in a row, I am revisiting a series of five articles I wrote thirteen years ago on color philosophy. Red characters in popular culture include Toph Beifong from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Wile E. Coyote from Looney Toons, both Romeo and Juliet, and Kramer from Seinfeld. Complexity—Another means of controlling things is to overwhelm others with too much information.

Control—Blue doesn't always have the skills it needs to accomplish its tasks, so it has learned the value of using its resource to control those who do.

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