the hulk pitbull bloodline

This isn’t correct at all and most people have been questioning if he is a true APBT but to me I never even knew this was a question whether he is a APBT or not. We respect your privacy.

The faces do appear to be similar, but the shape and size of the head as well as body is completely inconsistent.

You can read more about it and change your preferences, Get the best of Bored Panda in your inbox. It's extremely rare. Uhhhh they're assholes. That weighed 174 pounds and live to be 12-13years old... Bullshit, whoever sold you that dog and got you papers lied.

That dog will never out produce himself let alone REproduce himself.

If not I want to see his blood line I pretty sure they were bread to look the way that they do. thanks for the good blog again.

What do I honestly think is the best pitbull bloodlines of all time?

Contents © Barcroft Media Ltd. Outside of training the pair are also best of friends and love bathing and singing together, with Jordan playing the harmonica while Hulk howls.

I have a Euro Dane / English Mastiff mix at a year old she is 175lbs I would love for her to live a long life but it is most likely not the case and she will die before my now 9 and 3 year old pittbulls. To be frank, I am tired of hearing and seeing about him.

He looks part Mastiff to me. Nowadays u can't even go to the local pound and adopt a dog , it bull like dogs, without paying $150-300. No, of course not. They wanted to distance themselves from the reputation of pit fighting, and the term 'Pit Bull Terrier' so this same breed became known by the AKC as the ' American Staffordshire Terrier' So, at that point,we have three different registries, three different namesfor the same one breed. The offspring will have a variety of looks. One of the most well-known examples of a XXL pit bull is Hulk, the largest pit bull in the world. He has so far been taught to attack and release on command as well as vault and assault would-be assailants in and on cars. Some will look like Min Pin mixes while some will look like a purebred Min Pin. I have been duped in to spending thousands of dollars based off of what a breeder said about a certain dog. A lot of pitbulls now are more than likely bread with an amstaff and some sort of bull dog. He will think nothing of laying down and licking his young puppies and is very gentle with them. I don't like seeing other's duped by money-hungry assholes who use their dogs for financial gain. For me Marlon it's a businessman, he creat a Brand with DDK9s and it works. In all honesty I don’t think there is a top bloodline it really depends on the type of dog you are looking for. But owed to his balanced nature, former boxer Marlon and wife Lisa Grennan, 25, still allow him to interact and even bite-train with their three year old son, Jordan. with the added bonus of still being able to tuck in a shirt around it, know your facts the pitbull is itself a mixed bread dog.

The eight puppies were fathered by gentle giant Hulk, who weighs in at a huge 12 stone. But you’ll sit on your high horse and look down on Peale who crop their dogs ears.

"just close yo mouth kuz i bet if u take one step in their property or house youll think different with a half eaten arm. Thank you. what a stupid ghetto response learn english first, Congratulations.

We're asking people to rethink comments that seem similar to others that have been reported or downvoted, By using our services you agree to our use of cookies to improve your visit. “Most of them are already sold. potential shortcomings when selecting a custom Kydex style holster for everyday However, I will say many people who are good with bloodlines have seen known Presa Canario bloodlines in The Hulk's pedigree. Good thread.

Find pitbull puppies for sale in USA.

Hulks father Ghostface comes from a guy named Jack Ellis who has multiple dogs the size of hulk and most of the general public does not know about him but in the breeder world everyone knows him. Each Bloodline Holster is sold with Dog fighting was highly structured.

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Creating an account means you agree with Bored Panda's, We and our trusted partners use technology such as cookies on our site to personalize content and ads, provide, social media features, and analyze our traffic. However, ADBA let the registration of his offspring slip through the cracks.

great read.... i got a am bully from a shelter. He was not allowed to be bred and have his offspring registered as APBT.

ManMade Kennels is committed to being highest quality Pitbull Breeders in the world.

DDK is selling well trained dogs with obedience and attack(Defense) dogs when needed .

Then again you can't argue with stupid lol. However, XL and Exotic Bullies all have a different look. Pitbull terrier puppy for sale Canada We have a wide range of pitbull puppies that are trained and breed with extra care. The majority of owners are fighting for something they know nothing of. DDK has found his gold mine. Like an absolute fool. Then you will lie your ass off if it's your job. Now, we will take the puppy who looks like a purebred Min Pin and breed it to a Yorkie. Let's keep in touch and we'll send more your way.

he is 65 lbs and about 19 inches at the withers.

A momentary lapse of judgement on their end, yes, but they did have their own rules towards the registration of him. Owned by Marlon and Lisa Grennan, founders of Dark Dynasty K9s in New Hampshire, USA, the dog is being trained for protection services.

He was never produced by BGK but that still does not take away from the overall popularity and productions from the BGK Kennel. My own personal opinion here, but I feel it is okay to have a few throwbacks throughout litters, but the rest of the dogs should all resemble one another. Let’s stay in touch. And yes, puppy peddling is Marlon's job.

Idk how much he's actually trying to replicate hulk.

Consider yourself lucky if it did indeed live to be 13.
If he wants to sell his mixed breed dogs for thousands of dollars, FINE! That the ddk will register the breed and sell them for big $$$$$. Like us on Facebook for more stories like this: 16 Times People Overdid Halloween Decorations And Got The Cops Called On Them, Neil Patrick Harris And His Family Just Won Halloween After Unveiling Their 2020 Costumes, This Genius Frog Came Up With A Way Of Attracting And Hunting Bugs By Using This Tumblr User's Driveway Lights, Person Running The McDonald’s Twitter Account Shares How Nobody Ever Asks How He's Doing, Receives Support From Various Famous Brand Accounts, Black Mothers Act Out What Might Be The Future Of Their Sons In The US (28 Pics), 40 Things That Will Never Be The Way They Used To Be After The Pandemic Is Over, Shared By People On Reddit, Cat Owners Explain How Cat Body Language Is Often Misinterpreted By 'Dog People', Trolls Call A Photo Of Joe Biden And His Son 'Creepy', People Respond With Similar Pics To Shame Them, This Shop Owner Installed A Glass Ceiling For His Cats And Now They Won't Stop Staring At Him, 30 Of The Funniest Internet-Famous Cat Pics Get Illustrated By Tactooncat, 11 Behind-The-Scenes Pics Of Disney's Famous Scenes, 30 Unusual Maps People Shared On This Group That Might Change Your Perspective On Things, 85 Awe-Inspiring Shots Awarded At The 2020 International Photography Awards, I'm A French Artist, And This Is My Comic About Slowly Going Insane In Lockdown, Our 10 AI-Colorized US Election Pictures Show How Little Has Changed Over 100 Years, Real Estate Agents And Homeowners On Reddit Are Sharing The Biggest Red Flags You Should Consider When Getting A House (50 Replies). As a Pitbull Breeder I get asked this question on a regular basis. Some people say he is a Mastiff mixed with Pit Bull. The Hulk has become a global phenomenon, he has appeared in music videos, across International Media platforms and even his ... and team, the DDK9 brand has become the leading household name in American Pitbulls. Powered by.

Every thinks that pitbull's they are funny , beautiful , lovable andTo me it's the person that macks the mean if that person want it to be because people ARE the main REASON and the bade thing's that a PERSON Has dune to the breed it all their own doing because they are not so call and should NEVER have a dog in their life and they should be treated just like they treat the them self and see if they like it because they are a person that should not have a dog my buddy on the last time I to see his see beautifully special EYES i well not in this LIFETIME wellI for get because I made the HARDEST and it felt like hafe of me when whit the ways everything went down i could not let buddy stand their in so Much pain and that special dog and this is one thing I have no reason what so very to lie ABOUT this and I do MEAN this BUDDY he was one of a kind and he was so funny and one thing is he was so much of a smart ass and a bade ass and get thisI have never in my life have seen a that is truly a bade ass right to the line that special beautiful rednose pitbull that he was he know and he played it to just the way he was a real REAL bade ass and heKnowledge THAT he. If you go back on his pedigree the Hulks Dad is named Ghostface who was actually bought from a Kennel up In Washington that has been breeding dogs for a lot of years called North West Working Giants. You bought into a big fat lie, You sound like a jealous hater you can sense the hate in your post your just mad nobody wants to buy your bullshit dogs so you just try and shit on someone else's business cause your's sucks.

Does that make him a new breed? We have now bred this Yorkie and his offspring nearly 10 times and we have YET to produce a Min Pin looking Yorkie. The business supplies protection dogs to high-profile celebrities, billionaires and wealthy professionals - as well as law enforcement around the world. With having a lot of controversy over this subject and how he has more of a mastiff look to him than your average pitbull does, it should be obvious to what he is. The Hulk has had 2 litters now. i know its been said before by a lot of others but he wont have a long life to live. Look at UKC or any other breed standards. Frankly you all seem rotten to the core just cause you don’t like the guy so what he never did anything wrong to you. Great way to "shatter misconceptions".

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