sbr rifle case

It turns the whole intent of the interstate commerce clause on its head. . Outside of that the guy is still an idiot. Nothing could be further from the truth. (Another unofficial ATF opinion). Boom. This means that , by law, he should be getting the gun back. The ATF losing in court is not that rare. SCOTUS hasn’t ruled so, to date.

What did NFA’34 do? Here’s the standard method for measuring a long gun’s length of pull: The distance is measured from the trigger to the rear-most point on the stock along a line that’s parallel to the axis of the barrel. Dry Lube Technology, Zmax Bolt Lube/ Bore Cleaner & Conditioner, Steadify “The Next Generation Aiming Tool”, Explorer Cases Photo and Video Cases Catalog. Special features include a solid one piece stainless steel guide rod that has been CNC machined to accept a removable 3/32 Allen head tip. hard case as other EXPLORER Cases … -Discreet profile.-Available in (20, 24, 28, and 32 inch), Dimensions:  12 high by 20, 22, 24, 28, or 32 inches long depending on size selected. As such, a $200 tax was – for practical purposes – prohibitive of a perfectly benign safety device. The defense’s expert witness measured the gun the standard way: And…what do you know? Or something. Oh yeah, don’t throw things at each other. Kansas writes a state law saying that guns and accessories manufactured in their state and only sold in their state would not be subject to federal laws and restrictions since there is no “interstate commerce”. I really wish we’d get a case like this where the attorney forces the ATF witness to admit not one of the features they brought charges for actually appears in the statute they are charging under, and all exist as enforceable law solely as a result of ATF discretion.

I would welcome more field agents like him! -Discreet profile. What a complete waste of time and money. There’s a Supreme Court precedent in Staples v. United States that found a gun owner has to know that his firearm has characteristics that bring it under NFA regulation to be guilty of a crime.

would count as a MCDV. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. A victimless crime of the most ridiculous degree. All that tacticoolness and: it’s still not full ambi !! I guess ignoring the law is only ok when considering more restrictions, as with the extralegal bump stock ban in the works. If the answer is yes, no matter how it started, then it’s rifle. So , is a micro Roni pistol stabilization brace considered a sbr? . Most of the panic and over-reaction is traceable to a Prince Law post on the case. All Rights Reserved. K.I.S.S.

To the man’s credit, he didn’t bring up banning bump stocks again of his own accord after the Synagogue shooting, like he did on the Vegas shooting anniversary.

Wright was represented by a court-appointed attorney and came away owing not a dime. ---Electronics/Photo/VideoLE/MILOutdoorOther, Explorer Case Patented Combination Padlock, Explorer Gun Case Heavy Duty Brass Padlock with Keys, TSA Approved – TSA DIGILOCK Combination Lock, Explorer Case Universal Adjustable Shoulder Kit, American Snipers To HELL and Back TOUGH! The only solution for us right now is to publicly shame any and all ATF agents we come across. yeah, the gun is fugly with that skull and all that extra fluff adorning the handguard. … “….potentially sensitive competitive information concerning the companies involved..””, It’s ATF codeword for “our blatant overreach.”. KNIPEX has designed a specialized pliers to perform these specific functions—quickly and effectively.

So .

As pwrserge said, originally the NFA would have made all pistols illegal*. Urban Warfare 36" - Double Rifle Case. She’s got some guy on the side that she is getting mad at instead. Most county prosecutors have a better conviction rate than the ATF/U.S.

The bump-stock-type devices covered by this proposed rule were not in existence prior to the GCA’s effective date, and therefore would fall within the prohibition on machineguns if this Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) is implemented. How many administrations have we had where Repubs controlled the executive and legislative branches? If you can be excused for 13.75″, you can be prosecuted for 13.00″! $82.99. First case that gets prosecuted for Kansas-made suppressors and the State is nowhere to be seen defending its’ citizens rights under the law. Include mounting hardware. But I’ll play their game as it’s the onily legal way to have an SBR.

Now, then there is the matter of registration. Once we’re done, the Libertarians will poll more votes than the DNC.

It was a knee-jerk reaction to the problem of mobsters concealing Tommy guns under their jackets, walking into places and shooting things up. The only way he gets it back is if he made a deal and got the entire case dismissed, was found not guilty, or the state decided to drop the case all together which states will not do in a DV case. The cherry on top is that the ATF and US Attorney were publicly embarrassed for prosecuting a frivolous case, one with a couple of gaping legal holes that never should have seen the inside of a court room. Unit price / per . Victims of the state. I know this as a friend was recently convicted of Disorderly Conduct for a verbal altercation with a bartender. They also opened 91 cases for alcohol and tobacco criminal violation. Imagine the kind of shit she’ll make up when he tries to divorce her. Third, pay an extra 200 dollars, get your SBR tax stamp, and then your ability to configure your rifle literaliy any way you want to (other than to convert it to full auto) is unrestricted.

TTAG has talked with a number of people directly involved with the case in the last couple of days and here’s what happened . JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Dark FDE. First, the ATF has never issued an official public opinion letter stating that AR pistols with such accessories — cheek rests, pistol braces, etc. All gun laws are in violation of the 2nd and 9th article rights. How much you want to bet that he won’t, or if he does it will be after yet another legal battle? -Interior elastic loops sized for 5-8 AR/AK rifle magazines depending on case length. Back then, $200 was a lot of money. There’s been much sturm und drang in the online gun community over the last couple of days following the ATF’s prosecution of an Ohio man who equipped an AR pistol with a Maxim Defense collapsible cheek rest. I am completely against the very existence of laws regulating firearms.

Obsidian Black. hard case as other EXPLORER Cases but is shorter with a 30.7 in. If the ATF agents don’t know their own rules, you can bet the local 5-0 is even more ignorant. Never open your safe for law enforcement without a lawyer first being consulted. That is a heinously ugly weapon, no matter what you want to call it. And for that the cops confiscated his guns and got the ATF to charge him with a felony. “jus sayin”. They were checking on Judges, Officers and Prosecutors that reduced charges to avoid a domestic conviction on someone. Orders may be delayed 2-3 days in production.

If you want to prohibit a tax then you probably have to get a Constitutional Amendment as was done for poll taxes in federal elections. @DaveDetroit: We can have any complaint that we like; our complaints don’t matter.

I think one would have to consider the few types covered in the original act (MG, SBS, AOWs and silencers) plus the couple added later (SBR and DD) and compare them to the market for all other types that are free of registration. This guy probably bragged all over the internet, posted pics, etc. Since 1980 AMS has been proud to provide shooting enthusiasts with quality and value priced accessories. That’s a article that would likely get a lot of reads and comments too. You had an ATF visit in Alaska? Covid-19 Update: We are still shipping orders! The better one is a 7D, slightly out of date, but I have a couple of nice “L” lenses for it.

The EXPLORER 7814 SBR Case. Are you a dealer? His wife called the cops because he threw a cell phone at her? Make a secondary code for your wife that can be blocked. BTDT got my guns back upon dismissal of the case. Laughtenberg has been used to subvert and destroy the 2nd amendment IMO.

Find the perfect fit case for that unusually sized Short Barreled Rifle, Submachine Gun, Personal Defense Weapon or AR Pistol a brace. I think it’s better that people have slightly inaccurate advice (if indeed inaccurate) than be ignorant of the situation. Yeah, if I ever have to be judged in a court of law for a defensive shooting situation I really don’t want to face cross examination from a prosecutor questioning why I had a Punisher logo stenciled on my pelican case. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Oh, and don’t throw your cell phone at a mentally unstable woman (that means all women)…. Best case is for silencers; I have to risk hearing damage for a year to wait for a registration and stamp – for a perfectly benign artifact? Urban Takedown - Rifle Takedown Case. That guns screams Mall Ninja!!! I stand by my comment that he’s overcompensating for something in his life and the only way he knows how is to blow money of a cheap looking tacticool gun. “length of pull” is not in the definitions of a firearm. There’s a Hughes in every generation, I’m sure. Debate finds the truth. Subscribe now to get the latest news on guns, gear, gun rights, and personal defense delivered straight to your inbox daily! Your Industry Then realize that it’s precedent for ANY bureaucrat to bald-faced lie about a status of anything and seize it as contraband with no compensation. What if it gets filled with dirt? . That’s an ugly ass pistol. Ok. it’s 12.5″ and if I “angled” it, 13″ The Prince post also mentioned that the ATF asked for and was granted an order sealing a number of documents used in the case. Our products are designed to get you and your equipment outside more. The DDT 28 Inch SBR/Single Take Down Rifle Case is designed to securely hold any smaller size rifle, AR pistol, or similar sized weapon. No where in the statute is it mentioned that braces or other accessories cannot exceed the average (vs. minimum, versus lowest quartile, etc) stock length lest they become stocks themselves, so that’s another ass-pull the Bureau. © 2016 American Mountain Supply. Covid-19 Update: We are still shipping orders! Pretty savvy defense from the public defender. I never understood the need to adorn a tool ( gun ) with art work, skulls, fancy attachments and almost useless accessories. When the gun was subsequently examined by the ATF, they deemed it an unregistered short barrel rifle (SBR). Did the ATF just show up at your personal residence?

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