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Ohio Nature Conservancy, Dublin, OH. © 2020 The Nature Conservancy Stand up for our natural world with The Nature Conservancy.

Turn left on 124 and go 3/4 mile to Township Road 176 (Salem Road).

The Nature Conservancy is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization (tax identification number 53-0242652) under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Hunting is not allowed in any state nature preserve. The Buckhorn trail, a seven mile bridle & hiking trail takes hikers into the heart of the wilderness area. Bliss Pond Trail — an easy .2 mile trail with overlooks of the Grand River and the Conservation Campus. This area extensively borders the Broken Aro and Flint Run Wildlife Areas. These wetlands are critical to the health of the state-designated “Wild and Scenic” Grand River, an important tributary to Lake Erie, which is a source of drinking water for millions of people. Long Pond at Morgan Swamp Preserve From the north: Grand River Conservation Campus at Morgan Swamp Preserve From the north: The preserve harbors an array of rare species, many of which are associated with boreal habitats and are near the southern edge of their ranges in North America. Plan a business retreat, convention, or wedding.

Through a memorandum of understanding with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' (ODNR), ODNR is responsible for all fish and wildlife management on Conservancy District lands and lakes. | In addition to an Online Interactive Map, there are downloadable maps below that represent property owned by MWCD available for hunting. Work alongside TNC staff, partners and other volunteers to care for nature, and discover unique events, tours and activities across the country. Today, you can enjoy Ohio's largest and most celebrated privately-owned natural area for yourself, thanks to their efforts. Click here to purchase tickets. Travel 1.8 miles south on Windsor-Mechanicsvile Road to Callender Road. www.aep.com/environmental/recreation/recland/permit.aspx. Work alongside TNC staff, partners and other volunteers to care for nature, and discover unique events, tours and activities across the country. A rich diversity of plants and animals call it home, from the beautiful white calla lily to the tiny four-toed salamander hidden among the vernal pools.

Inspired and guided by the late ecologist Dr. E. Lucy Braun, the preserve's founders became leaders in the two organizations that own and manage the preserve to this day—Cincinnati Museum Center and their partner The Nature Conservancy in Ohio. Your actions can have a real impact for our natural world. Hunting is not allowed in any state nature preserve. Hikers may encounter remains of old sandstone quarries active during the late 1800’s. Where prairies meet the southern edge of the great glacial advances of Ohio's past and where nature is found in abundance. Sign up here to receive regular updates from Ohio. Charitable Solicitation Disclosures ". Gorgeous Ohio River views from secluded 1 acre food plot with water … Welcome to the 20,000 acre Edge of Appalachia Preserve System! At nearly 2,000 acres, The Nature Conservancy’s Morgan Swamp Preserve is one of the largest privately protected forested wetlands in Ohio. 47-acre lake with boat ramp.


The 1.5-mile trail winds along a deep gorge flanked by 70-foot-high cliffs and leads to Cedar Falls, a 15-foot cascading waterfall. The MWCD owns 54,000 acres of land and water in the Muskingum River Watershed, most of which is open to public access. This site was later named. Review our privacy policies for more information. Privacy Statement The Post Oak Trail features a short hike through an oak-hickory forest. The preserve and trails are open year-round, daily from dawn to dusk. Relatively undisturbed for nearly 100 years, Morgan Swamp is recovering from these impacts and is now dynamic and self-sustaining. The following state parks allow hunting, although all have reserved zones: The trails range from moderate to strenuous. While you are there, you may see beaver or otter in the wetlands or along the Grand River. Find out what you'll see at Ohio's preserves in the fall. Camping is prohibited. Ohio State Routes 124 and 325 go through the area and Route 554 borders it. In the interest of safety, hunting on MWCD land is prohibited within 500 feet of "Restricted Use" area, buildings and public roads. Both sections of the property offer opportunities for hiking and wildlife-watching. Charitable Solicitation Disclosures The Edge of Appalachia Preserve is a privately owned 20,000 acre nature preserve that is co - owned and managed by The Cincinnati Museum Center and The Nature Conservancy of Ohio. This preserve offers three separate trails to explore unique wetlands, forests and prairies. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Volunteers are needed to help The Nature Conservancy manage and restore our preserves and project areas in Ohio.

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