nioh katana build

The Yokai Ability is not great, so use one of the other two instead.

This is all we’ve on our Nioh Character Builds Guide. The katana is one of the most versatile weapons in Nioh 2.

Not only your health, but your unique heavy armor will also do most of the work. It works best in situations where you are out numbered and you need to pick off weaker enemies, so try to use it then most. Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, An all around build that focuses on Ninja type gameplay. You need to combine it with the Battle Focus which decreases the amount of Ki used while attacking. This provides benefits to both Ranged and Melee combat, and we’ll be doing both so that’s ideal.

Whatever you choose to wear, try to keep your equipment weight as low as possible. Enemy debuffs are also good, like those that slow Movement or lower Defense. Katanas can be hard to use against Human enemies sometimes, so it’s not bad to have another tool to use. Griever As the build name says, just Katanas. The main option to aim for the Sword are the following: In the beginning, you are good to go with light Armor, after that, try farming for the Kingo Armor – which has a good overall stat boosts for Sword. On Dream of Samurai, you are good to go with 30 in Magic, which is enough for you to have 38 Magic Capacity – enough to equip a full 4 slot buff and de buff. This is to enable the set bonuses as well. Raises the damage caused by your next attack. Way back in the first Nioh, I published Raining Ronin – A Sword build that utilizes the Raining Sword Skill. Not for the weak, as it migh be a hard road to take. According to the creator, there is no need to invest largely into Stamina as Strength increases your weight limit. Avoid Active Skill Damage bonuses until you’ve unlocked some good Skills later on in the game that drop from Bosses. You need to balance Heart/Strength out, but you can go a little sideways if you wish to target a specific weapon or gear set.

For this Build I recommend a Feral Guardian type for the added mobility, because its Burst Counter can be used as a dodge in addition to the Counter mechanic, but you can use any type. The stats specified maximize your katana use. One great thing about this Build is that by taking these you can Purify Yokai Realm without having to Ki Pulse the traditional way, but can instead do so by Dodging. Ninja allows you to get things like smoke bombs, kunai, shuriken, poison, etc. The second strongest is Dual Sword's Sign of the Cross build. Nioh 2 has three classes of defensive gear—Light, Medium, and Heavy—and each has different stat requirements to unlock its skills. Skill will boost your damage with both of these two, and also give you more Ki back when you Ki Pulse, along with a bunch of other bonuses.

And did I mention there are not many monster immune to this “element”? Ideally though, you’d also have bonuses that give you Untouched Ammo or increase Bow or Ranged Damage. Use light armor to minimize trading, instead equip yourself for speed and stock plenty of ammunition for ranged and explosive attacks. Builds listed in this page are created and categorized by players, therefore you should not assume they are all optimized. I decided to integrated this Talisman to my Sword (Katana) Build – which use this Talisman and the innate ability of Sword to deal Ki Damage to enemy.

Samurai, Ninja, and Onmyo. Using them causes allies in range to gradually recover health (life). Since this is a tank build, you need to invest in health so as to sustain as much damage as possible.
reqLife Recovery From Amrita Absorption +30 ? I really wanna get all this done before Toukiden 2 comes out because that will take up a ton of my time. Next you’ll want to max Bowmaster, and then take Quivermaker for more Damage and Ammo. Heart From this point forward you’ll be dumping your points into Deadly Eye in order to boost Bow Damage even further. The reason for this is to enable you to brute force bosses and enemies. You’ll want all 5 pieces of this, which means you will likely have to farm the Pervading Waters Mission a couple of times to get pieces, and several more times if you want Exotic versions of it. or templates for posting here? Rather than pick up after the events of the first game, Nioh 2 tells a whole new story with a different (player-created) protagonist. Scaling is represented as much with weapons as with guardians, so perhaps builds should be classified by Guardian Spirit, and Primary weapon.

It’s important that you keep these things in mind while building your character and choose things that complement each other.

You want to look for Untouched Ammo if at all possible on these Armor pieces, because you want to reuse your Arrows as much as possible. As this build focus on Ki Damage, the Yumehami was picked. For the choice of weapons, I recommend going with axes or cannons. Be on the look out for a Bow with this bonus on it, or try to Temper one onto a Bow you like if you can. By leveling this up, you earn Samurai SPs and it affects axes. Edit this page by ADDING A ROW to the table below with a link to the page you created and an overview. The living weapon build i was using which was kigetsu 5pc with odachi isnt doing the damage i see other people getting and im just kinda tired of kusarigama and odachi. You don’t have to complete your whole combo to use it, so if you can only get in 1 or 2 hits, then use it immediately after and then Dodge again to ensure you are safe.

Powerful 2 elements onmyo / confusion / sword build. Look for equipment skills that increase your Ki, and improve your mid stance damage. However, you won’t reach this stat during your first playthrough. As for the Guardian Spirit, you need to go with Hi-Nezumi which not only provides a buff to Omnyo Magic, but also provides a chance to unlimited Omnyo Magic use. 5 Novice 1 JutsuTalisman: Sloth I Lets you ready 2 sloth talismans. Adept 1 Active Hold R1+O Battle Focus: Increases Ki used when dodging in exchange for decreasing Ki used when attacking. Medium armor encourages a balanced approach that fits the playstyle of the katana, and Strength improves both your Ki Pulse and your maximum equipment weight, which will be helpful anyway. Haider is a freelance contributor, who loves video games, playing guitar, and aviation. Additionally, I like to take the skill Haze as it allows you to Parry and is mapped to a different button than Triangle while Blocking. For this build, you need to go with Fuse-Ushi as your Guardian Spirit. Aside from bonuses from Anima Bonus and Extended Yokai Shift, this Guardian Spirit provides you 20% to Ki Damage – a very generous boost compare to other equipment. A piece of gear that massively increases poison damage might sound nice, but not if it’s the only part of your build that has anything to do with poison. Katana build... avoid close katana are for show? Alternatively, you can simply try and sneak behind enemies in order to quickly get rid of them. You need to go with mid stance which should allow you to have better guard.

For the Guardian Spirit, try to stick to Isonade until you manage to get Fuse-ushi. Iai Quickdraw – Sheathes your sword, then charges one for a fast, powerful attack. Adept 2 Passive Cloudrunner: I Increases running speed by 5%. For Light armor, you’ll need to level up Body and Skill; for Medium armor, focus on Body and Strength; and for Heavy armor, you need Strength and Stamina. The final piece of crafting your sword build in Nioh 2 is choosing weapon skills. When attacking with your Katana use Swallow’s Wing when you need to back up to get in some extra damage and put you out of harms way. Along with this, you will need Namahage Soul Core, which increase your damage while attacking Zero-Ki enemies. You won’t have these last two when you start putting this Build together, but it shouldn’t be long before you get them. If your equipment weight number turns red, it will greatly reduce your mobility and increase how much Ki you use with each action.

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