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watched both episodes, i don't know if it's me but the opening scene and thereafter, i didn't feel the same sense of grandeur as goblin. Almost. Netflix supports the Digital Advertising Alliance Principles. Goblin was hilarious; Descendants of the Sun, hilarious.

God! And that autumn, the Joseon that they died to protect fell to the armed forces of Japan. Joseon stands firm against U.S. incursion. or And married to Jin Gu too! Oh, the drama of my life….

So far is really great and the fact that is Lee Byung Hun the main guy, all the better. He orders cannons and soldiers to be sent to the peninsula as King Gojong looks dispirited by his lack of initiative. I will call you Great point. i get it, trust me. It is based on the novel “Silent Separation” by Gu Man, who also wrote the novels that were made into the popular dramas “Boss & Me” and “Just One Smile Is Alluring.”. My thoughts were the same about the accents. That might be too many players to include, but I hope they do. Did you guys hear about the little old Korean lady role in Black Panther (which filmed some of its scenes in Seoul)? Wan-ik rhetorically asks if they thought that getting rid of him would change the fate of Joseon. Heh, I was wrong. It will be tricky with such a large cast... CHUNO by the way was also my introduction to the erhu (what's the Korean name? child actors were really great (that scene with eugene and soldier impacted me lots too) but im just not sold on LBH and his future loveline (with a girl that looks like his daughter.. damn).

When Zhao Mo Sheng (Tiffany Tang) was at university, she fell in love at first sight with law student He Yi Chen (Wallace Chung).

You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Some people are interested and some not about historical facts. and a learning experience, and i do not intend to belittle anyone's experiences/perceptions. Hui-seong disagrees with Ae-sin and offers an alternative. It's like any other subject, when you know the facts behind them, you simply point them out. Well, if he stayed true to his word, he provided shelter for three years.–Korea_Treaty_of_1905, I'm late to the party. Daewongun strongly disagrees and claims that the survivors are cowards because they did not die fulfilling their duty. It's a chilling story. Heck! Season 1.
I only wrote what I already know but was it possible that he attended a military academy (was it West Pointe?) Although the age gap is 20 years, he’s very attractive which helps a lot. Then, her eyes sharpen in defiance. But that’s the least of his problems. Nowadays "fusion sageuk" seems to be more popular, and they are more loosely based on historical events and characters, often introducing fictional characters and changing the ending. It is such a big thing! response about how slaves should not 'look high" and right after, his parents being punished? Yoo-jin clarifies that he didn’t steal it — it’s the price of his mother’s life. Then suddenly, they’re distracted by an echoing boom that sends birds flying in surprise. And acting wise, the movie script doesn't offer spectacular tones to character that an actor can use to showcase his/her prowess. From my gentle heart You will receive a link to create a new password via email. But also, that short scene with the black soldier and Eugene’s realization of how to belong really stuck out to me because the show was branching out into U.S. history. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page He looks through the glass and begins to cry audibly, feeling alienated and desperate. Eugene goes to the shore and cuts off his long braided hair with a knife.

After giving up that which means the most to him, Hui-seong gets a friend a gift. (But yeah, I'm being nit picky too. Here is a rendition on the lute: Also, it is plausible that Eugene could've served as he did (along side white soldiers) because historically in America sometimes a lone individual is allowed to participate and it only becomes a fear to whites when it seems as though they will have to make room for many "others").

He came from Africa and fought alongside a mighty feudal lord in brutal 16th century Japan. Still, Mr. Sunshine is epic and watches like a movie. These actors obviously speak English as a second language. For downloading this video, please login first. I's love to see more of their story as well. And wow, this show and its badass mamas! He holds his father’s face with his trembling hands, and his father dies in his arms. When I hear the actors who are supposed to be U.S. born speaking with foreign accents I just say to myself, "how many Hollywood movies have I watched with actors speaking a foreign language that I didn't think about at the time, but may have been really BAD pronunciation in the language they were speaking.). Just like you can accept the inaccuracies (as can I, but I will comment on them), I ask that you kindly bypass the comments that reveal facts that you're not comfortable with. Hui-seong takes a streetcar ride with Ae-sin and proposes a plan. On the day when all the wind will stop blowing so I will close my eyes at some point. Eun-san nods in understanding, and Seung-gu continues to cry in sorrow. So see there's definitely room for you to expound on the actual historical facts. i LOVED her in MxM -- she was PERFECT as the dweeby dorky gawky gooney girl who ended up (actually) being the very unlikely romantic interest of the stiff serious secret agent.... Did his father pass out from the beating? window.fbAsyncInit = function() {

Given that appointment to Annapolis and West Point were then (as now) dependent on references by US congressmen / senators, and given the rampant racism in America at that time, it's much more likely that Eugene and Kyle both got their ranks through battlefield promotions.

I've watched the first two episodes and man, every episode so far was like watching a movie, except it's a drama, which is a total bonus!! it continues, and the JA community now stands alongside the muslim community's oppressions and the Muslim Ban especially. });

Don’t miss it! Caught up in a tangled web of personal struggles and internal corporate rivalry, Dong Hoon and Ji An find themselves fighting for the chance to make life better as they struggle to free themselves from their current misery and find a way to heal the wounds they each carry. For instance, "But also, that short scene with the black soldier and Eugene’s realization of how to belong really stuck out to me because the show was branching out into U.S. history. We only got 5 mins of KTR this episode but the next one completely makes up for it. @ramonathepest Yep, "Shine or Go Crazy" had a lot of fictional elements but it still followed the historical ending. In daylight now, the uniformed man, Captain EUGENE CHOI (Lee Byung-heon) salutes to his fellow naval comrades on his way to a meeting with his superior Major KYLE MOORE (David McInnis). That height difference in A love so beautiful was comical to me. I think the fact that Kim Tae Ri was an unknown actress greatly contributed to my experience while watching this drama. The enemies arrive, and Hee-jin fearlessly shoots at the shadows that appear in front of her door. I did a search of "What Child is This" and the first gazillion hits that came up was Josh Groban, which made me think "what the...Josh Gro..ban..what the heck?" But Il-shik is taking the news well and seems optimistic to find an opportunity in this crisis. Although it takes Yi Chen longer to warm up to Mo Sheng’s bubbly personality, the two eventually become a couple. 4) Also, because I like the game Overwatch: It works hard now to make sure the voice actors suit more the roles they play, ethnicity and culture-wise, but at launch it was very random which hero got an actor with the right accent; The Swiss hero Mercy got first an American actor who used "zis type of accent und zat waz un little annoying", before they recast her with a German actor who uses High-German instead of the Swiss German. In Korean, Wan-ik derides the Americans for claiming righteousness after slaughtering all the Joseon people. I've no clue. And thank you for that! I am currently reading the text: A concise history of Korea to get more answers. Then again , it was a dark and barbaric part of an otherwise rich history of Japan.

I'm really hoping there is more to his backstory that has not been revealed to us yet. we can correct them to the DB netizens, yes... i apologize if i offended you, i sincerely did not mean to do that.

It has a stunning and talented cast, mesmerizing cinematography, an engaging and compelling plot that keeps you hooked begging for the next episode, complex/dimensional characters, quotable writing, and even comic relief. The man (who we’ll come know as HWANG EUN-SAN played by Kim Gab-soo) asks Yoo-jin how he got the ornament and suspects that he stole it, given his bedraggled state. Wan-ik offers to sell Joseon for dirt cheap, since the nation has very little value right now.

Wak-ik claims that Japan has nothing to lose — either they open the ports or kill the poor Joseon people.

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