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Kevin M. Warren serves as Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer of the Company. “We’re building a campus, and everyone comes and says, ‘Wow, you’re able to do this in Minnesota!’”. Over the last 2020 years, insiders at United Parcel Service have traded over $87,348,143 worth of United Parcel Service stock and bought 28,671 units worth $2,103,309

It offers graduate and undergraduate degree programs and certificates across colleges. As of 2019, Kevin Sumlin has an estimated net worth of $ 13 million. Mr. Warren owns over 8,723 units of United Parcel … Summary: Kevin Warren was born on 11/20/1979 and is 40 years old. Kevin Warren lives in Round Rock, TX; previous city include Oglesby TX. “When I wake up, I am so grateful,” Warren said. A tragedy as a child and a diverse background in sports as an adult have given Minnesota Vikings COO Kevin Warren a unique and nurturing outlook on the industry — and on life. The Vikings are also building one of the most talked-about headquarters and mixed-use developments in sports, the privately financed $150 million Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center in Egan, Minn. After 14 years under the Wilfs, the Vikings sit firmly in the top quarter of the NFL in overall revenue and are far more respected across the league. “Young people in sixth grade could look and say, ‘This guy did not grow up with any family money. “I’m so grateful that as a young kid, I realized how fragile life is and how it truly is a gift. Prior to that, he served as president of the Commercial Business Group for Xerox's services business, driving growth by pursuing new clients and expanding the services the company provides to current clients across commercial industries including: retail and consumer products, commercial transportation, travel, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, high-tech communications, and financial services. That’s where my head is now. Warren has worked as an attorney, a sports and entertainment agent, and a law professor. People should look at us and say, ‘It’s amazing what that person does on a daily basis.’ A true leader does it all with style, grace, class and always remembers to send the elevator back down to pick someone else up. That led to an introduction to St. Louis Rams coach Dick Vermeil in 1997. But this is a man of purpose, who takes his leadership role seriously. But under the Wilfs and Warren, that’s all changed — both on and off the field. Discover, MasterCard, Visa Kevin Warren has been a mentor and inspiration for many during his nearly 30 years in sports. The most recent stock trade was executed by Jack A Henry on 14 September 2020, trading 2,325 units of LOPE stock currently worth $200,113. Unlike ownership under McCombs, the team successfully worked with city and state leaders to complete the challenging negotiations to get U.S. Bank Stadium built, opening it in 2016. Photo: courtesy of the minnesota vikings Today, the 55-year-old Warren is the highest-ranking African-American business executive in the NFL and one of the most underrated team leaders in sports. “But we need to have honest dialogue with a cross section and diverse group of individuals. To have an opportunity, no matter how small that may be, to have a piece of a team, and to know that I have earned that opportunity and can add value.”. “You never have to wonder what she is thinking. And I made it my life’s mission and journey to help as many people as I can.
I almost didn’t have a next day. Over the years, Warren has been an inspiring and influential executive to numerous young people in sports.

But experiencing the fragility of life has left him clear-minded, consistent and focused. Currently, Kevin lives in Chicago, IL. There are 9 older and 12 younger executives at United Parcel Service.

As the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of United Parcel Service, the total compensation of Kevin Warren at United Parcel Service is $4,577,950. The company was founded by Christopher C. Richardson and Brent D. Richardson in November 2003 and is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. Warren earned a Bachelor of Science in finance from Georgetown University and is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School, having completed the Advanced Management Program. SVP, business operations & general counsel. Kevin Warren has been a mentor and inspiration for many during his nearly 30 years in sports.

“This is a powerful platform, as it allows us to be change agents in politics, education, race relations — when done correctly. Kevin F. Warren Net Worth What's Kevin Warren's mailing address? The oldest executive at United Parcel Service, Inc. is Rudolph Markham, 74, who is the Independent Director. It, of course, has been a game changer, hosting Super Bowl LII last February and landing the NCAA Final Four, which will take place in April. Diversity and inclusion in sports is critical.

That facility was the largest construction project in the history of Minnesota, and at $1.1 billion, was built on time and on budget. XEROX CORP income statements for executive base pay and bonus are filed yearly with the SEC in the edgar filing system. You have got to celebrate every single day because we have no idea what tomorrow will bring us.”.

His first day as executive vice president of legal affairs and chief administrative officer with the Vikings was July 4, 2005. In addition, he is a current member of the Executive Leadership Council. But the primary reason was because those were two professions that really were about helping people.”. “We’re very demanding, but also very charitable. “A leader should be an example,” he said. “Sports leaders stay in their bubbles, are insular and don’t get outside,” Warren said. “My wife, Greta, is brutally honest,” he said. The Vikings were in the bottom five in league revenue, financially challenged by an outdated venue with a strict stadium lease and were often targeted for relocation. And it’s always about focusing on the day. This year’s honorees and the issues in which they will be featured are: Feb. 11 — Kevin Warren “We in the sport business need to understand that sport is bigger than sport,” he said. Kevin's mailing address filed with the SEC is 3300 W. CAMELBACK ROAD, , PHOENIX, AZ, 85017. A leader shouldn’t be someone that people in an organization say, ‘There’s nothing special about them. After getting his MBA at Arizona State, he received a law degree from Notre Dame in 1990.
Warren felt prepared because of his tutelage under Vermeil and had a plan for the organization. “So, I flew the next day and started helping.”. “That’s the American Dream. Kevin's mailing address filed with the SEC is C/O UNITED PARCEL SERVICE, INC., 55 GLENLAKE PARKWAY, NE, ATLANTA, GA, 30328. “I also felt from a meritocracy standpoint, I would be judged on my abilities and not my color. By signing a five-year agreement with Arizona, he earned $14.5 million. The most recent stock trade was executed by David P Abney on 27 August 2020, trading 62,700 units of UPS stock currently worth $10,067,112. Back in Phoenix and practicing at Greenberg Traurig, late coach Dennis Green introduced Warren to Reggie Fowler, who was looking to buy the Vikings in 2004. But during dinner, the Wilfs asked Warren to go to Minnesota and start the transition. Warren has been with the Vikings since 2005 and was promoted to COO on Feb. 12, 2015. It may sound good, but here’s what may happen, and I want to help you try to solve the problem.’ That’s what I look for in a staff.”. XEROX CORP annual reports of executive compensation and pay are most commonly found in the Def 14a documents. The tall and imposing Warren can be quick with a smile and a laugh. I write mine for today, because tomorrow may never come. Kevin joined PwC in 1980 and worked for 14 years in their Tax Group, including 7 years as a Tax Partner. VP, player programs & football legal counsel. I’m very clear-headed, which is by far the best way to just be totally honest. But it wasn’t.”. Are women and men in sports paid similarly? March 11 — Ron Semiao 

How can sport interplay with other industries? Warren commuted, lived in a hotel his first two years in St. Louis and engulfed himself in work. “I’m not supposed to be here,” the Minnesota Vikings COO said recently. The franchise was seen across sports as an underperforming operation. “I live and focus on the day. Kevin has made over 11 trades of the United Parcel Service stock since 2011, according to the Form 4 filled with the SEC. Speaking at an International Women’s Day event in 2018, Warren has made diversity and inclusion a focus of his work. Those years were almost like a 10-year apprenticeship under one of the greatest minds and people in football.”. I need people to be brutally honest with me and say, ‘Kevin, I know what you’re thinking. These positions, they’re designed to have a lot of blind spots and you have to have people not only in the co-pilot seat, but throughout the plane who can tell you if something is going wrong. “When things make sense and cents, they will encourage it and be there with you,” said Warren, who was named Vikings COO in 2015. The most active insiders traders include John Wendell Thompson, Franck J Moison, and Carol B Tome. After Slive left to run the Great Midwest Conference in 1991, Warren departed to start his own sports agency, Kevin Warren & Associates. “There would always be an opportunity to be employed if I was a doctor or lawyer,” he said. Warren flew to St. Louis to meet with Vermeil, who told the 33-year-old, “You’re over qualified, but I like you, and I’d like to hire you.”. Domestic Package segment offers a full spectrum of U.S. domestic air and ground package transportation services. On average, Grand Canyon Education executives and independent directors trade stock every 21 days with the average trade being worth of $7,669,935. Kevin Warren checks few boxes to be new Big Ten commissioner, which may be a good thing ... Delany left it on the table because he thought the Big Ten was worth … And I need people to be brutally honest with me. The International Package segment consists of small package operations in Europe, Asia Pacific, Canada, Latin America and the Indian sub-continent, Middle East and Africa (ISMEA) and offers a selection of day and time definite international shipping services.

American Express Because I see every day as another day to do something great.”.

He was set to practice law in Phoenix when he was introduced to the late Mike Slive, who quickly hired him to assist at his practice defending colleges and universities that were under investigation. He’s commanding and direct, yet empathetic.

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