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The reason for Mikasa’s super strength that equals the abilities Levi is her Eldian bloodline. Eren informs the group that he called them into Paths to let them know that they will have to kill him to stop the Rumbling, before sending them back to the flying boat. [117], As Jean and Hange discuss who should be given the serum, they are interrupted by Mikasa, who fires a signal flare, signaling that Reiner should be executed. Captain Levi is a leader of the Survey Corps who recruited exceptional soldiers. Levi orders Jean to provide fire with his rifle. He, Reiner, Bertolt and Annie follow, and are greeted by the sight of the Titan being cannibalized by its fellow Titans. The anti-hero of the Attack on Titan series, Zeke Yeager is a holder of Beast Titan as well as war chief” of Marley’s Warrior Unit.

This motivates Jean to start taking his training more seriously. Shortly after, they watch from the distance the hut being stormed by the Military Police Brigade First Interior Squad. When Levi proclaims that he is going to inject Erwin, Jean leaves the roof with the others, crying and saying his goodbye to his comrade. As the trainees file out of the mess hall, Jean sees Mikasa and, immediately taking a liking to her, tries to talk to her but she immediately blows him off in favor of talking to Eren. Fancying himself a realist, Jean's ideals brings him to blows with the more idealistic Eren, who criticizes Jean as a coward. After some confusion arose regarding passionate scientist Zoe Hange’s gender identity, Hajime Isayama has chosen to leave it open to interpretation. Jean calls for everyone to pursue her. [76], Thanks to Marlowe and Hitch, Levi's squad manages to infiltrate a Military Police base. He overhears Marco admitting that he allowed others to kill the Titans he found, wanting to act as "bait" for the Titans the way he would in an actual combat scenario, and joins his fellow trainees in proclaiming that he would like to be in a squad led by Marco. He then offers himself in her place, arguing that he is smarter than Eren and has excellent judgment. Shu Watanabe as Fukushi in the Attack on Titan Live Action movies. [119], Jean after the battle to reclaim Shiganshina, Jean sits on a bedroll after Eren informs Armin of the events that had transpired and says that it is been four hours since the battle had ended and that they have searched for survivors this whole time, without finding any. Although, Marco possesses excellent talent in teamwork, still killed off by Reiner and Bertolt when he heard about their Titan shifting powers. When Hange reveals that they intend to join forces with Marley to stop Eren, Jean tries to convince Hange to agree to Eren's plan.

27 Strongest Attack On Titan Characters, Ranked! [35], Jean wipes his faith in humanity on Connie's shirt. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. One of them lands directly in front of Jean, knocking him off his horse and causing him to land hard on the ground where he passes out. Along with some additional perks, the attraction gave guests a chance to experience the cruel and terrifying reality of "Attack on Titan.". [11], Following the second appearance of the Female Titan, at Eren's bedside, Jean finally learns about Annie's true identity from Armin and how she encased herself in a crystal to avoid interrogation. He is among the Survey Corps soldiers that arrive at the ocean, amazed that the water was actually salty. [44], Reaching the headquarters, Jean is horrified by his decision to exploit his comrades' deaths, before attacking the supply soldiers hiding in the building, telling them their inaction is what led to the soldiers' deaths. Jean acts as bait to distract Reiner while Sasha and Connie attack, but they are caught off guard when Reiner throws debris from nearby buildings at them. Levi suggests that the most likely way to stop Eren will be to kill Zeke and sever his connection to the Founding Titan, and Jean promises to help achieve Levi's goal. Hajime Isayama is a manga artist and … [18] Jean was also very cynical about defeating the Titans, believing that humanity has no chance against them. However, Connie Springer argues that Jean's reasoning would be why he would be more valuable as a future leader in the Corps and they could not afford to lose him after thirteen years.

[69], After the Survey Corps is accused of the murder of Dimo Reeves, Jean is among the members that remain in hiding. Jean tries to convince Eren to end the Rumbling and let them figure out what to do next, but Eren refuses to stop the Rumbling. [128], Sasha Blouse and Connie report in to Jean that all the lights are in place and ask if they are moving forward with the plan. When the Yeagerists are alerted to their presence, Jean helps escort the Azumabito to the basement of the building they are being held in so that they will be safe from the impending battle. During battle, Jean kills his first person by cutting his adversary's neck. In terms of his fighting skills and abilities, Connie is noted to be the quickest soldier when it comes to using maneuvering equipment. Fortunately, they do not have to because the Titan breaks itself free in order to attack another Titan, collapsing soon after. Jean is among the Survey Corps soldiers who enter the forest to search for him. After Eren transforms and hardens his body to hold the falling rocks, Jean helps Mikasa get Eren out of his hardened Titan body. Isayama said that he likes Jean’s ability to say what’s on his mind “even if it’s something you normally wouldn’t be able to say.” Jean’s brutal honesty not only makes him Isayama’s favorite Attack on Titan character but also one of the sexiest! [13], Four years later, he has grown a goatee and his hair is now longer. Yelena responds by shooting him much to the surprise of the prisoners. Commanding Officer (指揮官 Shiki-kan?) The last member of Reiss royal family, Historia Reiss, has currently chosen to be Queen of the Walls. Thus already holds a significant level of skills in archery, horseback riding, tracking, etc. When Eren kidnapped by Bertolt and Reiner, Erwin leads a rescue team that caused him to lost an arm. Jean is surprised to see how the Titans learn to climb the trees in order to reach them. Jean orders his teammates to try to keep Reiner's attention, but when Reiner ignores them, Jean agrees with Mikasa that Reiner will have to be killed. [47], Jean, Annie, Reiner and Bertolt are put on standby with their fellow trainees, and are ordered not to tell anyone else about what they witnessed. Moblit was an intelligent soldier who survived many tragic events until the battle of Shiganshina. Due to Keith’s strict and frightening presence, all the 104th Squad always fears him.rom his confidence.

Currently, Eren owned powers of three main Titans. Jean asks if Hange believes it is a good idea that they should trust Eren and Zeke and Hange disagrees with Pixis's assessment. In terms of strength, Mike Zacharias listed among the finest soldiers likes of Erwin Smith and Captain Levi.

Jean is uncertain whether it is the steam's fault or that he naturally missed. Jean pursues it, intending to strike a final killing blow, but a boy jumps in the way and begs him not to shoot it. [143], After the Yeagerists escape from confinement, Jean attends a meeting with the various military leaders. Petra has jack on armins colossal titan. )[1]"Jeanie" (ジャン坊 Jan-bō? In her career, Petra killed off total 58 pure Titans. Reiner Braun is one of the Strongest Attack On Titan Characters who calling himself warrior to save humanity. Biological Information [81] Levi's squad locates the cavern where Eren and Historia are, which is starting to fall down due to the transformation of a gigantic Titan. Though Floch leads most of the soldiers in a cheer for winning the first battle for the new Eldian Empire, Jean uses the time to consider how many more battles they will have and how many more people they will have to kill. [19] He openly mocked more idealistic individuals like Eren, and saw resisting the Titans as a hopeless cause. Due to being Ackerman, Levi holds overwhelming physical strength.

Because of immense stamina due to being a titan host, Annie can transform multiple times into the Female Titan.

Although, Shingeki No Kyojin fans unaware of his fighting skills, as a commander, Pixis is one of the smartest characters of Attack on Titan. He is shocked when Levi starts attacking Historia and tells him that such action is unnecessary.

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