how to calculate composite score for likert scale

My guess is that such a correlation will be very high (e.g., > .97 or some such).

Will appreciate a quick response. The most common method to analyze Likert Scales, by not just simply displaying the frequency and percentage of each point, is by using the Top Box method. There is often a trade-off between including enough good items and the quality threshold you set in terms of high loadings and the absence of cross-loadings. Thus, the challenge is to develop a principled approach to dealing with the multiplicities that arise in psychological research. take the sum or the mean of revZ1 and z2.The result is a measure of combined ability.cheers,Jeromy. I have to calculate average tangibilty score which is a 5 point likert scale.But under tangibility there are 5 conditions which means I have 5 questions under Tangibilty dimension and it has 5 point scale for each question.I need to find the average tangibilty score from these 5 questions.Please help. Hi there! @Anonymous:I'm guessing that you have subsequently asked the questions on Stats.SE where I have provided answers:, Just answered another question on Stats.SE on forming ability composites:, Hi, Jeromy,I dont know if you can help but I have gotten myself really confused! That way the overall composite would mean overall ability. How do you know which attribute is the mean? Many thanks Jeromy. Are websites a good investment? One dumb question about combining variables with different scales. Neutral Thanks so much for your very prompt reply! Alternatively, you could use some normative data from the test manual or some such. Strongly Agree, Hi Deborrah! Another alternative metric would be intelligence scores (i.e., mean = 100, sd=15), although there would be questions of what norm the value of 100 relates to.So avoid percentage change statements, and instead talk about change in standard deviation units. We have a detailed tutorial here. Don't use % decline. What is the state of the art in capital theory? Similarly, we can't talk about a CHANGE of 25%: if it's 40F degrees on Tuesday, and 0F degrees on Saturday, has the temp dropped 100%? I understood corretly? How can this be done?Regards, Per-Ola Rike, @Per-Ola zero minus raw-z-score will reverse the raw-z-score. It sounds like you might be interested in calculating one of the measures used in signal detection theory. However, in general, I think that sticking to the original 1 to 5 metric and even exploring accompanying means and frequencies on each item can be informative in understanding what absolute values indicate. So you say, "I understand. ?Many thanks again for your help!Emma. My sample is relatively small and therefore I don't think factor analysis is an option for creating composites. You can reverse any score whether it is a z-score or not.E.g., if you have a variable called X that ranges from 1 to 10, you can calculate XNEW = 0 - X and it will have a range of -10 to -1.The variance, sd, and range will be the same for X and XNEW.

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