harry potter oc character template

Good at: Almost all of her Hogwarts classes, especially potions, herbology, charms and history of magic. by Harry Potter Addict on DeviantArt . ), Pet:Marmalade Butterscotch “Butters” the Ragdoll cat, Other noteworthy relatives:Camryn Kai Reid and her mismatched family, Family home:Reid household(Much like the Weasleys’, no one is really sure where the Reid house is. ), (Does your character's family have House Elves?    Accessories:   It's OPEN. Also she does not walk around.
Good at: chess, potions, tranformation spells.

Abilities: He and Aela ended up getting married and having three kids; Caroline, Cory, and Bella each of them born werewolves. Also i'm not the most serious of HP fans so i might get things wrong.    Pants/skirt:

contract marks, scars, brands, etc. harry potter oc template . A few generations later you have my OC being born in Japan but having the last name of Malfoy since they kept having mostly boys and only a few girls. Using this category To put a template in Category:Infobox templates: Use [[Category:Infobox templates|{{PAGENAME}}]] on the documentation page (see Template:Documentation for more info). Parents: Nationality: (ex. Texan, Hell, Heaven, etc.) Was this a time before the main story takes place, in which Voldemort is on the rise and dark magic is prevalent? Her wonderment towards this entirely new world of magic causes her to be very observant when encountering a new concept or person, allowing her to learn quickly and master spells/procedures even quicker than her pureblood classmates. Dislikes: generally being with other people, loud noises. Gender- Family background: predjudice family against all half-bloods and muggleborns. There is Ilvermorny in America and they also use the system of houses (forgot their name though), Thunderbird, Wampus, Horned Serpent and Pukwudgie ^^. as him because it goes against my nature. She tried to kill herself often between 8-11, once getting her Hogwarts acceptance letter she simply settled for drawing on her arms with a blade. Height: Weight:Standard clothing: (what they wear all the time, Basic Information Hair Style: Civilian Name- Basics Also she started at Hogwarts late. Life RELATIONSHIPS Wand: 12” Walnut wood, Thestral Tail Hair core, Other distinguishing features: scar on left bicep, Ambition: Hogwarts Professor, Reassignment Spell, Father: Bernard Grendel ? Gender: Disabilities: Remember that what era you're in will affect this), (Does your OC play for a quidditch team? Thank you so much!

Not poor, but not comfortable either. Picture in Mirror of Erised:

Any distinguishing marks?(i.e. Casual Attire: Dislikes: death eaters, You know who, bullies, werewolves. Equipmen, Avatar: The Last Airbender – OC Template Just hit me up if you're interested and I'll respond when I can. Alias/es?

Wand reaction when first held: Dying plants nearby flourished with new life, Boggart: Family’s rejections of his identity, Patronus: Bearded Dragon (not an actual dragon), Animagus: Gynandromorph Cardinal (they look cool), Polyjuice: bitter coffee with hits of 100% cocoa, Amortentia: Mom’s apron, rain, quidditch field. Distinguishing features:

Dropped out of quidditch. How involved do they get with quidditch games? Why do they see/does it take that form?

Just comment below or credit Maw if you use it.】. This is the year she started rebelling for good and she did start to sleep around. Other: She hated the skirt.

More personal touches are provided in the Extras section. Christmas holiday: chose to stay at the castle. ): Other outfits (Copy and paste as many times as needed): Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. fans, swords, hand to hand. Be sure to review here or pm me :D. Any other interesting stuff about your character? Enemies Information Additionally even a bender can have non-bending fighting skills too) ):

harry potter oc template harry potter character sheet by xiberkernel. Skip if sensitive to depression. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. She named it Herbert and he has been living in her dorm ever since. She has too much to do to walk anywhere. Weight: She killed herself in 1980, to avoid torture and imprisonment after her second arrest that had an interrogation for a goal. Contributor. Goals:

Dislikes- All . Sibling(s)(if any): This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.
Pro- or Antagonist: Enemies: Gender: Any Death Eaters in the family: Do you feel she or he will turn out to be a mary/gary sue? Naturally, the executioner was called in. She tasted some novelty tea (she doesn't care for sweets) and had cafeine for the first time. Favorite subject: Care of Magical Creatures, Worst subject: Defense Against the Dark arts, Friends: good friends with Ron, Harry, Hermione and Aela by this time is Kahl’s girlfriend, Other: Aela now goes with Kahl and Vahl into the forbidden forest during full moons and, Worst subject: Defense against the dark arts. But today, we're going to give you the chance to slide your own character into the world of Harry Potter. Other: Went through rough depression. When she received her Hogwarts letter, her parents suspected it was some kind of practical joke and ignored its contents entirely. Favorite Sayings: Mind if I borrow this for my new Hogwarts OC? Style (clothing: gothic, punk, girly, sporty, etc): It has cool undertones but is otherwise quite radiant. Past/History/Biography: Death Eater or D.A (Dumbledore's Army): -Ibro]. Skin tone: Borderline pale skin that is dotted with hundreds of faint chestnut freckles. Scars/tattoos: Hair color:   I think that's about the potion's color. OC that Ive made so Ill enjoy being her. ), (This is hereditary.

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