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If you do NOT plan on spending for Gacha skip this. Onto the “Mixed” Upgrade Package 1. No problem I fell for the 1st one and regret it, The 1st card is 60 2nd is 120 and the 3rd is 480 you can see how fast this gets out of hand.

Your email address will not be published. This is our page for asking and answering questions for Dragon Raja. These are the clothes that the player wears.

Brain: IQ Evolution/Trick Puzzle Game - All Answers and Solutions for All Levels and Questions, Stump Me!

Only thing enticing in this chest is the Gold. Is too long m, it’s not a code, it doesn’t accept it, Let’s play together! Moving onto the real Juicy Daily/Weekly/Monthly chests. So let’s have a look at what the shop provides. This is a required buy and very worth it. Most importantly, follow content creators on YouTube, Twitch, and other places and look for Dragon Raja streams. If you have a question you can ask it below and please check through the questions that have already been asked to … The same review remains. A warm notice: Our online customer service work-time is from 7am to 1am (GMT+7), so please free to message us if you have any issues in-game. Once that shows up, tap on Settings. [Dragon Raja] วิธีเปลี่ยนธาตุอัญมณี บอกเลยว่าคุ้ม! Updated the app but still there is no BONUS option. More posts from the DragonRajaMobile community, Hey guys. Lycanroc (Dusk Form) Hope you guys can have fun and make more friends in our community, Press J to jump to the feed. This means that you will be spending $65.23 to get $60.19 worth of confirmed benefits. DRAGON RAJA SEA PATCH NOTES AND LATEST EVENTS. Dragon Raja is a new MMORPG for the iOS and Android platforms by Archosaur that’s set in a cyberpunk setting. It regularly costs 3 Paint Cards to dye them. Log in daily to claim rewards like bonus title, headwear, lv.8 gem, Evolution Stone, Secret command and other valuable items. Once you do that, a pop up will appear and you’ll be prompted to type in a code. Alternatively, you can hope your internet and your fingers are fast enough to buy them for dias in the mall. Here we’ll provide you with an overview of this career choice, and how you’ll be able to progress. The World's Largest 'Game of Sultans' Guide, Brain Games: IQ Challenge - All 299+ Answers and Solutions To All Levels and Questions: Full Walkthrough, Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles - All 276+ Answers and Solutions for All Levels: Full Walkthrough, Mr. Author : Maletix Evan Heisenberg named himself after a Breaking Bad character one time, and then got stuck with it. There’s 10 now and they haven’t updated at all. I saw someone say they spent like.. 300$ just to get the complete outfit. - Supreme Existence - Conqueror personality points. Which means your gold consumption will also be increased. ⟵(๑¯◡¯๑), Use my friend code when you register ^^JYVRZW9PR. by 31gFor more news and game discussions: discord.gg/edenofgaming. This is my summary of what’s worth based on my experience pushing the first 3 days of CBT and staying in Top 3 the packages described would’ve been a good continuation of keeping my lead along the others in the server. This would still be a very good pack to get. Too many gear enhancement items. Buy the other 2 if you end up needing them later on. Worth buy. DRAGON RAJA SEA CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Enter the redeem code into the text box that appears and then hit the Confirm button to redeem the prizes. Lycanroc (Midnight Form)

The problem is, there is no BONUS option wherein the codes need to be input. This may be slightly not worth it, but if we consider the 5 extra bonus items that we did not account for. You may contact them via their Facebook Page messaging. ต้องบอกเลยว่าในเกม MMORPG สำหรับบางคน สิ่งสำคัญนอกเหนือจากแต้มพลังก็คือ “ชุดสวย ๆ” แน่นอนว่า กิจกรรมนี้ก็มีของรางวัลคือชุดสวย ๆ นั่นเอง, อันดับแรกสิ่งที่ทุกคนจะต้องรู้เกี่ยวกับกิจกรรมนี้คือ “ต้องเติม” เพราะคีย์หลักในการเล่นกิจกรรมนี้ คือการใช้ “คูปอง” นั่นเอง, ผู้เล่นจะต้องใช้60 คูปองในการซื้อ “ภาษาแห่งทาโรต์” เพื่อใช้ในการเปิดไพ่ ยิ่งเปิดไปมากเท่าไหร่ ก็จะต้องยิ่งใช้ภาษาแห่งทาโรต์มากยิ่งขึ้น โดยไพ่จะมีทั้งหมด 10 ใบ ซึ่งใช้ภาษาทาโรต์จำนวนดังนี้, 1. If you hit the [ ! ] I tried Lucky Tarot before, but having the price double every time makes me flinch. Now on the other hand the $2.99 Buy I would say is generally worth for a 2/2 buyout every day if you can afford it. We use our historical values of 1 diamond/coupon = $0.0065 to measure this package.

About medium ish rewards but its still rewards and I recommend this for the 20$ for an early server start and some decent rewards then what story will provide later on.

Note: All higher tiers include the items included in the lower tiers. Here is what you can get: - Find my Mr Right - Romantic Personality Points.

This is the subreddit for DragonRajaMobile. Are the drop rates of the outfits in Witch Room bad? They’re often going to contain special, exclusive codes for Dragon Raja. Very good loot! Here are the CDKeys and redeem codes that have been revealed so far in Dragon Raja: Be sure to bookmark this page, as when a new redeem code or CDKey comes out, we’ll get it first! Notice the big jump in coupons required for the 10th Card. https://youtu.be/ZF4KyX0ASnI Personally, we actually purchase every single pack. Keep in mind some things will be on rotation and this is for what we currently are able to view in CBT. Tap the + button to make more options appear, including the Settings menu, with an icon that looks like a gear. 100% buy these no matter what spending bracket you think you apply to on the first week and you want to be ready for the first sets of dungeons and Events remember 4 days after launch you will start investing into PvP content so you want to be ready. This is the subreddit for DragonRajaMobile. So i would only buy this package if i had Timed Rewards priced coupons, and not using coupons bought from the market rate store. So what’s better then just skipping a couple days of package gambles (cont.). Notice the big jump in coupons required for the 10th Card. - Pocket of Gold - Healing personality points. หากใครที่อยากเพิ่มค่าพลังให้กับตัวละคร ต้องบอกเลยว่า ชุดและทรงผมไม่ได้จำเป็นขนาดนั้น เอาคูปองไปเปย์พวกอัญมณีหรือของตีบวกยังดีกว่า ชุดและทรงผมนี้เหมาะสำหรับคนที่ต้องการจะแต่งตัวมากกว่า. Find out more information in our Superstar Career guide so you’ll have information on how to improve on your current career. Thank you! Your goal is to battle, complete quests, and play however you want, whenever you want. Hope you guys can have fun and make more friends in our community 9.9k Good luck gamers. The event has been renewed. You get full outfit + extra for $240 with tarot IIRC. Time and Location: [edit | edit source] Skeletal Mystery is for players at a level of 85, however the player can start receiving rewards starting from level 80. However, we only review the popular ones that are highlighted in the Patch Notes because there are just so many packs out there. Author : Maletix Players can unlock these Outfits and equip to the character classes to increase Beauty. I just want to quickly cover the dailies. On the right side of the main screen in the game, you will see a + button. If not then uhm.. it's up to you.

Cost of opening each Tarot Card in terms of coupons is 60, 180, 480, 720, 1080, 1680, 2280, 2880, 3480, 5280. These are generally also a good buy. DRAGON RAJA SEA PATCH NOTES AND LATEST EVENTS. - World Peace - Healing personality points. Tartaglia หรือ Childe เป้นตัวละครธาตุน้ำ เป็นหนึ่งใน Fatui Harbingers เขาชอบทำอาหารเขา ทำความสะอาด และเขาเป็นพี่ใหญ่ที่ดีที่สุดเท่าที่เคยมีมาของ Tonia สาว ๆ... Escavalier

Gacha Pack, SKIP THIS TRASH IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR SANITY. Check out the Allies page for Ally info. for the codes.

DragonRaja is a MMORPG mobile game that featured with gorgeous CG and perfect socialising system.
Police - Johann, Police - NoNo and Police Enxi will be available in this event. Specifically for package 1 this is good for initial allies and mount evo stones are always useful for maxing. Dont waist your money they should have stated that the price would increase dont support this shady scheme. Use my Friend Code JNVRS5848 to play and get Diamonds ^_^ Not worth wasting diamonds or coupons on this event as it drops too many gear enhancement materials. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This is meant to draw you to waste money on what you do not need. แนะนำว่าถ้าโชคดี เปิดได้ชุดและทรงผมแล้ว ก็ควรหยุดเปิด เพราะของรางวัลอื่น ๆ ถือว่าเปลืองพอสมควร, 2. Alternatively, you can hope your internet and your fingers are fast enough to buy them for dias in the mall. We use our historical values of 1 diamond = $0.00295 to measure this package.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

If not, ignore this. Dragon Raja is a new MMORPG for the iOS and Android platforms by Archosaur that’s set in a cyberpunk setting. As a newbie, you might want the free cool stuff.

There are usually whales selling duplicates or f2p selling for the dias - but of course, they're also extremely expensive.

my settings doesnt have bonus why is it so? How do you get more CDKeys and Codes? The Wardrobe is where the player can customize their character with various hairs, outfits, necklaces or face wear. Another motor upgrade pack is still not worth it. So, promotion coupons are still better. DragonRaja is a MMORPG mobile game that featured with gorgeous CG and perfect socialising system. First I want to start off with the “Battle pass” Which in my opinion is in the very “Ok” realm for someone who doesn’t plan on spending more than 100$ – 250$ but in general it is a good generation of resources per every week that it takes to complete a couple levels of it.
These codes are a little bit more likely to be limited-edition, but they will be a worthwhile find to whoever comes across them.

YW3VR32X Dragon Raja is a new MMORPG for the iOS and Android platforms by Archosaur that’s set in a cyberpunk setting. To me, i would ignore them in my calculations since they are often not worth it. Pokemon ตัวเก่าจากภาค Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon ที่ค่อนข้างจะโดดเด่นใน Anime ภาค Sun & Moon เรียกว่าเป็นตัวอวยประจำภาคเลยก็ได้ เนื่องจากเป็นตัวพิเศษที่อยู่ในทีมของซาโตชิและจะมีแค่ภาค Ultra Sun &... Lycanroc (Midnight Form) When the Beauty level rises, you will get the Glamor Title Bonus, which gives additional attributes/score to the character. Market rate coupons are $0.0132. Also if you don’t get lucky you can always save up and buy it using the currency from this package. Witch Room is more luck then tarot, so you may get it sooner or later depending. Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross - Spenders' Guide; Dragon Raja - Newbie Guide (Part 1) Dragon Raja - Newbies Guide (Part 2) Dragon Raja - Rift Guide Make sure to stay tuned to the Dragon Raja Subreddits and Discords, whether official or unofficial. Im curious, it’s expensive and I want to know what I’m getting into so I can decide if I can stop. At 50% off, it means each coupon is $0.0065. I think $300 seems like the average amount for Witch (which is half of the full Tarot). If you DO plan on buying some gachas, pick it up. Big NO. Notice from the Devs: Therefore, if you reach the 9th card, it would be wise to see which is the 10th card left, if its worth it to spend this big jump on it. The Comprehensive pack is an EXTREMELY good value for what’s contained. Special Offer Pack, worth picking up ⅓ of these. Mix Upgrade Pack 2, Very worth buying.

Element Pack, random lvl6 gem worth picking this up. TIMES BASED ON EST (UTC-5) TIME MON TUES WED THURS FRI SAT SUN 10:00 AM … Dragon Raja – Event Schedule Read More » it shows, successively cost, Total price in USD is ~300$ for a full set flipped. My invite friend code is J8BQSJQHA if anyone is interested! So if you're financially stable, I'd say go have fun. This means that you will be spending $65.23 to get $60.19, Featured Secret Pack Vs Featured Secret Key. Pokemon ตัวเก่าจากภาค Black & White ที่มีจุดเด่นในเรื่องพลังโจมตีกายภาพ และโดดเด่นใน Trickroom เพราะมีค่าความเร็วเริ่มต้นที่ต่ำมาก แต่จะมีจุดอ่อนตรงที่แพ้การโจมตีธาตุ Fire อย่างมาก ทำให้ในบางครั้งนอกจากทีม Trickroom แล้วบางครั้งเราจะเจอ Escarvalier ในทีมฝนเช่นกัน นอกจากนี้ยังเป็นตัวที่ต่อกรกับตัว Meta ธาตุ Grass อย่าง... Lycanroc (Dusk Form)

After you do that, scroll down on the settings menu on the left side of the screen and at the bottom of the Basic screen, tap on the CDKey button.

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