blink xt2 two way audio not working

P.S. @ronsec was being helpful, not sarcastic, and is accurate in his statements. Same here. I don’t see how they can filter out real life sounds, other than to offer the option of lowering the sensitivity to all sounds, which might lead to difficulty hearing what people are saying, if that’s a need for you. I also have a Ring doorbell that has the same loud background of crickets, birds, etc. If not, is this what you’re requesting? October 14, 2019, 11:00pm #1. Range from sync module is good. Hi, now I realise it’s not only my cameras with this problem.

Having read forums on Arlo and Wyze, it seems that this issue still presents there as well. They were actually excessively loud. They could see that I am experiencing packet loss on my line, so they are going to send someone out. That having been said, if it irritates you, isn’t there a microphone sensitivity setting for the XT2? I would like to see a reply by Blink on how this situation can be handled.
Very loud background noise of birds, cicadas, crickets & frogs, etc. First off, please delete this image as it contains your camera’s serial number. I am experiencing the same issue of inaudible sound coming out of the XT2 camera when using the press to talk feature. Maybe we can pin down the problem. I still have 2 weeks left before I can return the cameras… Unfortunately, I am stuck with the Ring doorbell for now! So what do I do? As far as the XT2, I have heard similar noise on noise suppression featured that is overwhelmed with background noise., as is the case with the nighttime cicadas, crickets & frogs.I tried to cover the microphone hole, but it didn’t make a difference. May just send it back & look for something else.

About Blink. That being said, be civil during your time here. One blue LED to help you know when it’s active (optional) Warranty and service. Lots of garbled noise & tones.

Please resolve this issue, as a recommendation is the strongest publicity or potentially the most damaging for your image.

My replacement unit should arrive today.

System updated on phone foday and on cameras 7.67. Allow must be enabled in the permissions for microphone access.

If it does turn out to be the hardware I will update here. VERY POOR FROM AMAZON. In my case, much as it’s annoying, I don’t want to turn the sensitivity down, as I still want to hear what people say.

Free cloud storage. This certainly is not a defect by any means. I definitely do not have that option and assured I have the Black Blink XT2 model.

Just received two cameras. I am not sure what to do about it but its very annoying. I still have 2 weeks left before I can return the cameras… Unfortunately, I am stuck with the Ring doorbell for now!

1-year limited warranty and service included. Could be something as simple as you’re running an old Firmware, or something as bad as you need a replay camera. In order to make it sound better playing music they compromised the intelligibility of the voice, in many cases, the most important function of the device??? I seriously doubt you will find a consumer grade camera that does not do this. Misc. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Blink XT2 audio has a lot of interference.

So has anyone had this issue resolved?

But this seems to be a mute point, as you’re returning the cameras.

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