astrox imperium console commands

- Adjusted structure creation code to prevent bad filename error. It was tied to the journal panel, and not only caused the storage bug, but a number of other rare, hard to replicate bugs.

I have added the ability to search the galaxy map.

2) Once inside the new game, open OPTIONS then EXTRA 3) Click the IMPORT button to open the IMPORT panel. - Fixed station map closing all station windows. - Fixed GOG userID check prior to stat submit, preventing soft error. Putting aside all differences, the people of world came together. - Adjusted unexplored mission sectors chance to 25% - Adjusted mission pay for unexplored sector locations. a whole lot less low-res stuff. - Adjusted campaign map 106 (Crown of Imperium).

- Fixed raider missile bug when raider is killed at the same moment missile is launched. Take a front stage in a main role, or follow along from the sideline. Using your Galactic Position System, you can plot a course and navigate long distances through multiple Sectors.

Its 6 active hardpoints are positioned around the fore of the ship, offering a wide area of coverage, and 5 passive hardpoints allow for a decent number of configurations. - Adjusted the sell item price modifier when selling items. - Adjusted weapon active turret base mobility stats.

- Added map button onto the mission overview panel. - Adjusted engine code for more efficient audio looping. - Fixed journal search bug returning skills in stations with no university open. Checking this option will allow you to click a selected target WITHOUT changing the autopilot target. - Fixed -10 faction rating during kill pilot missions bug.

You can command them to engage you target, dock, evade and patrol. A grand ship was built, and the ‘Imperium’ was scheduled to launch mankind into the future. - Adjusted buy and sell order economic triggers. - Fixed escort mission description bug with destination station. This tactical bomb will deliver continuous damage to the armor of any ship that passes through the field. - Adjusted galaxy map sector UI hud. - Adjusted beam module code for improved combat fx. - Fixed spelling and hotkey error on mercs tutorial. - Added Faction Overview document to the journal docs.

BUILD 0.0094 - Fixed event dynamic person naming bug. Still more to come, but it's progress. - Added camera point and focus on NPC interaction. You can toggle the Auto scan feature, which will send out a new pulse scan when the ship has an available slot in the targeting panel. Command Console ` (Backtick) - Open PDA F1 - Blueprint Library F2 - Tech Tree Menu F3 - Faction Menu F4 - Activate Player Drone F5 - HUD Display Mode F6 - Save Screenshot F7 - Show/Hide FPS F8 - Hide HUD (For Screenshots) F9 - Full Screen F10 - MULTIPLAYER FUNCTION KEYBOARD MOUSE Scoreboard B - Global Chat . I have also addressed a few issues dealing with the special item drops that raiders can leave behind. They will team up on a single target, they will run and try to draw you away so that their gang can swoop in behind your 6 o’clock in an effort to score some easy hits. Browse and rate player-created guides for this game. - Adjusted ship engine lighting for better performance. Visit the Official Website.

- Fixed turn speed stat on module mouse over tooltip.4 - Fixed bug with station storage space and cargo storage max display.

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