arris xb6 overheating

I also noticed my XB6 modem was burning hot last evening.

You can get an XB6 now with stand alone internet (no tv or phone). (Image credit: An Arris/Motorola NVG599's typical wiring setup. Side note: I found the Netflix speedtest a little generous in its results.

Powered by, Badges  |  I found your posts very helpful as I have been troubleshooting my system. Will turning off our modem when not in use help to prevent it from overheating? - last edited on

Its a fan hum, or case vibration/resonance when the fan spins up. I was told that Band Steering needs to be turned off to ensure all devices that are compatible with 5G actually connect to 5g.

Use the SBG6580 Web Manager to set up and manage your wireless I've switched my Arris XB6 into Bridged Mode but no longer can login.

Their techs explained the Xb3 I had were all refurbished, and many were not in good working condition. Hey I’m having the same problem currently, was a new modem the only thing that fixed the problem?

The technician came over and replaced the modem.

Same for Shaw speedtest in the browser. He asked me to place it in an area where it would not affect the finishes. However, they can choose another employer. 0 Likes Highlighted. The tech replaced the Arris XB6 modem with another Modem and turned off MOCA and installed MOCA filters. When I upgraded to 600 I got the XB6, and it's fan is very audible. The wifi pods do a good job of extending the wifi to dead spots but they are limited to a maximum of 200Mbps of throughput so you sacrifice speed for coverage. Yes it would, but it may still overheat when you use it when it’s on. The XB6 gateways have an internal fan that is always running, so it is normal for these devices to run warm. Which sucks, since the optimal location for it is my living room. You can request for them to bring a laptop to test the 5G network.
I was told this will fix all of my buffering and call drop issues. I ended up just removing the VLAN on my network and calling it something else to accommodate the XB6. I had the XB6 and found that it went offline every few hours for about 10 minutes, reported poor signal strength, had only two ethernet ports, and the wifi coverage and speeds weren't great. After I tried troubleshooting the modem, I noticed little smoke coming out of the unit.

User manual instruction guide for ARRIS devices.. ARRIS User Manuals ARRIS Taiwan, Ltd. > ARRIS.

Get it as soon as Thu, Aug 22. In February, Comcast upgraded my service to utilize the Xb6 modem.

I just got the services installed on June 7th and it’s still burning hot. This is a vital task to perform because of the firmware version of your Arris router until you log into it. I have don't a factory reset and setup the modem with ensuring the password is correct but once I switch it back to bridge mode I get the accessed is denied. There is a very active thread dedicated to reports of excessive latency and jitter that has been the new normal for many of us since the beginning of 2020. Added by Anttila on August 27, 2019 at 2:03, Frigidaire air conditioner manuals online. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

I hope it lasts until the technician comes Wednesday. Same design, don't recall if it has a fan too though. It fixed absolutely nothing.

I tried giving the XB6 a different IP,, like my old Arris, but every time I set this it would ping time out and I'd have to hard reset the XB6 again. As for the Technicolour modem, it may not solve the issue you are experiencing but you can mention to have them bring one as your modem may be faulty.

Any tips on what is working for you to help with this overheating? Forgot to mention there is also the XB6-A, the Arris version.

The Arris xb6 never had issues with hardwired devices and always got 600 mbps. Problem is, it's not actually working properly. If you did speak with someone from our Technical Support department, I'm confident they did go through the appropriate troubleshooting steps before scheduling the appointment. You might try to get one. For reference, this is with one ethernet port used, and 5 devices 'connected' to the 5ghz band, under low/no load.

Larisa P. Hidalgo 10:13 pm on March 23rd, 2017 5. with an Arris XB6 Modem. My home is small--954 square feet, including the lanai.

I’m averaging 500 mbs and all internet related problems are gone. I complained about all the issues Rogers Wifi calling is giving me and issues with streaming buffering.

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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